740.00119 EAC/11–744

The British Embassy to the Department of State


His Majesty’s Government have now heard from French Embassy that the Soviet Government immediately informed M. Massigli of their decision in favour of permanent French membership of the European Advisory Commission. His Majesty’s Government and the United States Government cannot therefore delay much longer their own decision on the French request.

In the opinion of His Majesty’s Government the balance of advantage lies in favour of acceding to French request.

His Majesty’s Government have repeatedly declared it is their aim to restore greatness of France. The Prime Minister21 has recently spoken in the House of Commons of the importance of including representatives of France in all Allied discussions affecting the Rhine and German settlement and has expressed his desire to see France take her place at the earliest moment in the high counsels of the Allies. Moreover, with full support of His Majesty’s Government it has been provided in Dumbarton Oaks proposals22 that France shall in due course become a permanent member of Security Council of future world organisation. It seems to follow therefore that admission of France as an equal and permanent member of European Advisory Commission is a logical next step along the road towards her restoration as a great power. Both the French Provisional Government and [Page 98] the French people are known to attach the greatest importance to full membership of the European Advisory Commission. Failure to give the French satisfaction on this point, particularly now that the Soviet Government have come out in favour of meeting their requests, might seriously prejudice relations with the French. The present time is a critical one in the formation of future French foreign policy and it would be dangerous to risk inclining France away from western democracies.

His Majesty’s Government accordingly desire to accede to French request and propose that Prime Minister should so inform French Provisional Government during visit which he and Mr. Eden are going to make to Paris in the near future.23

His Majesty’s Government are most anxious to keep in step in this matter with the United States Government and earnestly hope that they will also feel able to accede to French request. If so, His Majesty’s Government propose that their respective statements should be communicated to French Provisional Government on the same day, Saturday, November 11th, and that arrangements should be made with the Soviet Government to publish the decision of the three Governments simultaneously.

  1. Winston S. Churchill.
  2. For correspondence regarding conversations at Dumbarton Oaks, August 21–October 7, 1944, on the establishment of the international organization for the maintenance of international peace and security, see pp. 713 ff.
  3. Prime Minister Churchill arrived in Paris on November 10.