740.00119 European Advisory Commission/10–1644: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Winant)

8547. Reurtel 8743, October 14. Caffery4 in Paris was authorized on October 135 to speak to the French informally along lines of final paragraph of Deptel 8284, October 9. I had assumed that since no objection had been received from you by that time that you were in agreement.

In our opinion it is important that the French be aware at this time of our willingness to discuss the German surrender terms with [Page 94] them within the EAC. This does not mean that the discussions need take place immediately, and it may even be that the Soviet representative will continue to oppose the suggestion. In such an event the French would at least appreciate that this Government was not standing in the way of their request.

While you state that you believe it would be a mistake “to introduce” the French question into EAC deliberations pending clearance of the basic military papers, we are told by the British Embassy that their representative on the Commission has raised the specific point which we are now discussing on at least two occasions and will probably do so again. Our immediate purpose is to place ourselves on record in support of the proposal already introduced by the British which we consider fair and reasonable.

  1. Jefferson Caffery, United States Representative, with personal rank of Ambassador, to the de facto French Authority at Paris; Ambassador in France from November 25, 1944.
  2. By the Department’s telegram 146 to Paris, not printed.