740.00119 EAC/8–2844

The Chargé of the Delegation of the French Committee of National Liberation in London (J. C. Paris) to the American Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Winant)82


My Dear Mr. Ambassador: I have not failed to bring to the attention of the Provisional Government the letter83 which Your Excellency [Page 87] addressed to me under date of July 25 in your capacity as Chairman of the European Advisory Commission. The Provisional Government has taken note of this communication.

The surrender of Germany84 is of fundamental interest to France. Through its repercussions now or later it will affect the entire future of France, and France could certainly not consider herself bound by clauses in the working out of which she had not been associated.

The Provisional Government has, therefore, the sincerest desire to discuss as soon as possible all questions relating to the German surrender and it would be unreservedly pleased by the invitation addressed to it if it were to lead to such discussion. However, at present, the Commission seems to have in mind only the communication by the Provisional Government of a memorandum stating its views, which precludes the possibility of its knowing the views of the American, British and Soviet Governments and, at some future date, of defending its own opinions in oral discussion.

I am directed to express the firm hope that the members of the European Advisory Commission will take into account the abnormal character of the situation in which the Provisional Government is thus placed and that they will show a disposition to take, at the earliest possible moment, steps which would permit France to discuss the German problems with them under conditions which correspond to the extent of the French interests which are at stake.

Please accept, etc.

J[acques-Camille] Paris
  1. Copy transmitted to the Department in despatch 17762, August 29, from London; received September 2. Copies of the letter were distributed to the British and Soviet Representatives on the European Advisory Commission.
  2. Letter from the Chairman of the European Advisory Commission to the Foreign Ministers of Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, and Yugoslavia and to the Representatives in London of Greece and the French Committee of National Liberation, dated July 25, p. 63.
  3. For correspondence regarding the negotiations in the European Advisory Commission on the terms of surrender for Germany, see pp. 100 ff.