740.00119 EW/10–444

The Department of State to the British Embassy


Mr. Alexander Kirk received from the Italian Under Secretary for Foreign Affairs a communication70 similar to that received by Sir Noel Charles and referred to in the British Memorandum of October 4 with respect to consideration of Italian views in the German surrender arrangements. The Italian request was submitted to the United States Representative on the European Advisory Commission and his observations71 have now been received. Careful consideration has likewise been given to the views expressed in the Embassy’s Memorandum under reference.

It is the view of the United States Government that sympathetic consideration should be given to the request of the Italian Government in recognition of Italian contribution to the war against Germany and the Italian co-belligerent position which has now been recognized by the United Nations as an acceptable working arrangement for a full year. It is, therefore, felt that the Italian request is not unreasonable and that it could to a certain extent be met without injury to the interests of any of the United Nations.

No objection is perceived by this Government in accepting for consideration and without obligation the views of the Italian Government with respect to the German surrender arrangements. While it is not considered necessary or desirable for the European Advisory Commission to invite the Italian Government to submit its views for consideration, it would seem appropriate to suggest to the Italian Government that they submit their views informally to the United States, United Kingdom and Soviet Governments through the representatives of those Governments in Rome for consideration. Mr. Kirk will be instructed to reply to the Italian Government in this sense.72 It is hoped that the British Government will find it possible to issue similar instructions to Sir Noel Charles.

When the Italian views have been received, this Government intends to forward them to its representative on the European Advisory Commission who will, in turn, introduce them into the Commission for consideration.

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