500.CC/10–744: Telegram

The Ambassador in the United Kingdom ( Winant ) to the Secretary of State

8483. For the attention of Jack Hickerson.93 I have just received the following secret communication from the Foreign Office:

“I am replying on behalf of the Secretary of State to Your Excellency’s letters of 3d and 7th October about the Dumbarton Oaks Communiqué.

We have received a telegram from Moscow which makes it clear that the Soviet Government will not agree to anything on the lines of paragraph 4 of the Communiqué as drafted and in the circumstances we agree that the best course is that suggested in your letter of 7th October. We have now heard from our Ambassador at Moscow that the Soviet Government agrees to publication of the first three paragraphs of the Communiqué on 9th October and it will, therefore, issue as proposed.”

My letter of October 7th referred to above conveyed to Mr. Eden the Secretary’s personal message quoted in Department’s 8180 [8181] of October 6th.94

  1. John D. Hickerson, Chief, Division of British Commonwealth Affairs.
  2. See footnote 84, p. 882.