500.CC/10–644: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the Soviet Union ( Harriman )

2373. As you probably heard from the British Ambassador the British Government is endeavoring to get the Soviet Government to agree to a changed version of the last paragraph of the proposed communiqué to be issued on Monday, October 9 at the time of the release of the document of the proposals for an international organization. The last paragraph of the communiqué as drafted at Dumbarton [Page 881] Oaks in effect merely reaffirms the substance of paragraph 5 of the Moscow Declaration without however mentioning other members of the United Nations. The British revision brings in the reference to consultation with other members of the United Nations.

We have just heard from the British that they will be unable to agree to the publication of the document on October 9 until this point is settled with the Russians and the reference to the United Nations included.

In so far as this Government is concerned, either version is acceptable and we would in fact have no objection in the event that the Russians and British cannot agree, to dropping the entire paragraph since the Moscow Declaration speaks for itself. However, we are most anxious to be able to proceed with publication on October 9 as agreed and you are therefore authorized to bring the above views of this Government on the question to the attention of the Soviet Government emphasizing the importance of proceeding with publication on the agreed date.