Lot 60–D 224, Box 56: D.O./Conv.A/JSC Mins. 1–12

President Roosevelt to the Chairman of the Council of People’s Commissars of the Soviet Union ( Stalin )49

55. Personal for Marshal Stalin. I am much concerned at the reference made by your delegation at Dumbarton Oaks that the Soviet Government might desire to have the sixteen constituent republics considered for individual membership in the new international organization. Although it was made clear by your delegation that this subject would not be raised again during this present stage of the conversations, I feel I must tell you that to raise this question at any stage before the final establishment and entry into its functions of the international organization would very definitely imperil the whole project, certainly as far as the United States is concerned and undoubtedly other important countries as well. I hope you will find it possible to reassure me on this point.

This would not prejudice later discussion of the question after the organization has been formed, and the Assembly would have full authority to deal with the question at that time.

  1. Copy of telegram transmitted to the Secretary of State by Col. Richard Park Jr., General Staff, Assistant to the Military Aide to President Roosevelt, in his memorandum of September 4, 1944, not printed. He stated that the message was sent as the President’s 55 to the Ambassador in the Soviet Union (Harriman) for Marshal Stalin as drafted by the State Department with the addition of the last paragraph by the President.