Lot 60–D 224, Box 56: D.O./Conv.A/JSC Mins. 1–12

Informal Minutes of Meeting No. 7 of the Joint Steering Committee Held at 3 p.m., August 29, at Dumbarton Oaks

Present: Sir Alexander Cadogan and Mr. Jebb of the British group;
Ambassador Gromyko, Mr. Sobolev, and Mr. Berezhkov of the Soviet group;
Mr. Stettinius, Mr. Dunn, and Mr. Pasvolsky of the American group.
Mr. Hiss also present, as secretary.

At the opening of the meeting Mr. Stettinius referred to the statement which Ambassador Gromyko had made yesterday at the last previous meeting of the Committee with reference to the possible inclusion of the sixteen Soviet republics among the initial members of [Page 751] the Organization. Mr. Stettinius suggested that, in view of a conversation he had had with Ambassador Gromyko on this subject, he wondered whether perhaps reference to the subject might not appropriately be omitted from the minutes of yesterday’s meeting. In reply, Ambassador Gromyko said that he did not feel that it would be necessary to omit mention of this matter from the minutes. In this connection, reference was made to the very limited circulation which is being given to copies of these minutes. The Ambassador went on to say that in making his statement of yesterday on this subject he had desired simply to call the matter to the attention of the other groups and that he does not insist upon discussing the matter further in the Dumbarton Oaks conversations for the purpose of arriving at any decision on this point in these present conversations.

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