The Chinese Ambassador (Wei) to the Secretary of State

Sir: Referring to my note of August 14, 194487 giving a list of persons to participate at the informal conference on the International Organization for Peace and Security with the representatives of the United States and of the United Kingdom, I have the honor to inform you that the Chinese Government has appointed Dr. V. K. Wellington Koo, Ambassador to the United Kingdom; Dr. Wei Tao-Ming, Ambassador to the United States of America; Dr. Victor Chi-Tsai Hoo, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs; and General Shang Chen, Chief of the Military Mission to the United States as Delegates to attend the Conference and has designated Dr. Koo to be the Chairman of the Delegation.

The following persons have been appointed as Experts of the Delegation:88

  • Major-General P. T. Mow, Deputy Director of the Commission on Aeronautical Affairs and concurrently Director of the Washington Office of the Commission on Aeronautical Affairs
  • Rear Admiral Liu Ten-fu, Naval Attaché of the Chinese Embassy, Washington, D.C.;
  • Major-General Chu Shih-ming, Military Attaché of the Chinese Embassy, Washington, D.C.;
  • Mr. Pu Hsueh-Feng, Counselor of the Supreme Defense Council;
  • Dr. Chang Chung-fu, Director of the Department of American Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  • Mr. T. L. Soong, Delegate to the United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference;
  • Mr. Liu Chieh, Minister-Counselor, Chinese Embassy, Washington, D.C.;
  • Dr. Kan Lee, Commercial Counselor, Chinese Embassy, Washington, D.C.

Accept [etc.]

Wei Tao-Ming
  1. Not printed.
  2. In addition were advisers, Drs. S. H. Tan, C. L. Hsia, C. Y. Cheng, James Yu, Liang Yuen-li, and Chen Hung-chen; secretaries were Tswen-ling Tsui, F. Y. Chai, C. K. Hsieh, and Dr. Mon-sheng Lin, with Wellington Koo, Jr., assisting the Chairman.