The Chinese Ambassador (Wei) to the Secretary of State

My Dear Mr. Secretary: I hasten to inform you that I have just received a telegram addressed to President Roosevelt by President Chiang, which reads as follows:

“To President Roosevelt: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has informed me of Ambassador Wei’s conversations with Secretary Hull on the proposed conference at Washington to discuss the creation of an international organization for the maintenance of world peace. China has always been an advocate of the early creation of such an organization, if possible before the termination of the war; and we are gratified that you are taking the leadership in realizing this idea. I am particularly grateful to you and Secretary Hull for the insistence on the necessity of China’s being represented at the conference. Without the participation of Asiatic peoples, the conference will have no meaning for half of humanity.

(Signed) Chiang Kai-shek”

I shall be obliged if you will be so good as to transmit the above message to its high destination.85

I am [etc.]

Wei Tao Ming
  1. The message was transmitted to President Roosevelt immediately upon its receipt.