Lot 60–D 224, Box 4a: PIO 229

Memorandum of Conversation, by Mr. Leo Pasvolsky, Special; Assistant to the Secretary of State

Mr. Wright called at my request. I handed him the attached Topical Outline and said that we were handing a copy today to the Soviet Embassy.

He inquired how soon they might expect actual memoranda and whether or not we intend to transmit them one at a time as they are ready. I replied that I could not tell him anything as to when we might be ready. I also said that it is not our present intention to give them single documents.

He inquired as to whether or not, in the event that no exchange of documents will have taken place before the Under Secretary’s projected visit to London, Mr. Stettinius will discuss the matter there.21 I replied that this question can be answered only at that time.

Leo Pasvolsky

Memorandum Prepared in the Department of State

Topical Outline

A. General Character of an International Organization

What should be the general structure, functions and powers of an international organization for the maintenance of peace and security established in accordance with the provisions of the Moscow Four-Nation Declaration.

B. A General Assembly

1. What should be the functions and powers of a representative general assembly with respect to:

general policy of the organization?
promotion of international cooperation?
settlement of disputes and security action in relation to a council?

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C. An Executive Council

What should be the composition of an executive council?
What should be its functions and powers with respect to:
settlement of disputes?
restraint or suppression of threats to or breaches of the peace?
a system of regulation of armaments?
economic and social cooperation?
By what vote should decisions be reached?

D. A Court of Justice

How should an international court of justice be constituted and what should be its position and its functional relation to the other organs of the international organization?
What should be the jurisdiction of the court in the settlement of disputes?
Should the court be empowered to render advisory opinions?

E. Arrangements for Security

What arrangements and procedures should be provided:

for the pacific adjustment of conditions or settlements of disputes likely to lead to a breach of the peace?
for the establishment of a system of regulation of armaments and for its enforcement?
for the determination of threats to or breaches of the peace?
for the application of non-military measures?
for the availability and use of armed forces and facilities in the prevention or suppression of threats to or breaches of the peace?

F. Economic and Social Cooperation

What functions and powers should the organization have with respect to development of international cooperation in economic and social activities and the coordination of international agencies and action in these fields?

G. Territorial Trusteeships

What provisions should be made for the performance of such territorial trusteeship responsibilities as may devolve upon the international organization?

H. Administration and Secretariat

What should be the nature and functions of the administrative and secretariat services that may be necessary for the central and related organs and agencies of the organization?

I. Establishment

When and by what procedures should the organization be established?

  1. See telegram 3071, April 14, midnight, from London, p. 636.