740.0011 European War 1939/34173b: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the Soviet Union ( Harriman )

1025. In indicating its approval of the text of the proposed Allied statement as contained in the Department’s 1002 of April 22 to you,52 the British Foreign Office has suggested that it not be formally communicated to the satellite governments but that it be released to the press simultaneously by the Soviet, British and American Governments. While the Department had believed that direct communication of the declaration to the four satellites would have increased its effectiveness, we have, in the interests of expedition and subject to Soviet approval, agreed to the British suggestion.

Since the Department’s 1001 of April 22 to you53 dealt with what seems to have been merely a matter of translation, it is believed that the final wording of the declaration may now be considered as having [Page 601] been agreed upon by the three Governments. The Department accordingly proposes, unless it receives contrary suggestions from the British or Soviet Government, to give it to the press for release in the United States at 11 a.m. E. W. T. on Thursday April 27. This would be 5 p.m. of April 27 in London and 6 p.m. of April 27 in Moscow.

Please acknowledge this telegram immediately upon receipt.

Sent to Moscow, repeated to London.54

  1. See supra.
  2. Not printed.
  3. As telegram 3308.