740.0011 European War 1939/32760: Telegram

The Minister in Sweden (Johnson) to the Secretary of State

199. Embarrassments and difficulties occasioned by Pravda despatch to effect that there had been contact between British and Germans with view to separate peace, whatever may be final explanation from Moscow, that report, emphasizes in my opinion extreme danger of activities of government agents similar to those of Mr. Hewitt described in my 83, January 10, midnight.

Mr. Hewitt is still in Stockholm waiting transportation. He informed me this morning that he had received word indirectly from his German contacts urgently inquiring when he was leaving. Mr. Hewitt mentioned to me that it had been agreed that he would meet them in Lisbon by February 15 if his Government approved of his doing so. I have told Mr. Hewitt again that I disapproved of these [Page 496]contacts and that I consider them extremely dangerous. He should be got out of Sweden as soon as possible and I venture to suggest to Department instructions to London Embassy to request of British authorities highest possible priority for him on British transport plane.53 I understand he is now No. 28 on Stockholm list which might possibly mean that he could not get away within a fortnight or a month should unexpectedly bad weather intervene, or British interpose new and higher priorities.

  1. The Department accordingly instructed the Ambassador in the United Kingdom, who discussed the situation with the appropriate British authorities. On February 3, 1944, the Minister in Sweden reported that Mr. Hewitt had left for London on the previous night.