840.414/7–2444: Telegram

The American Representative on the Advisory Council for Italy (Kirk) to the Secretary of State

49. From Reber. Reference Department’s 345, July 11, to Naples.52 A reply to Department’s telegraphic instruction No. 897, March 25, 1944, received through Political Advisor’s office AFHQ was made by memorandum to Algiers.

Assurances have been given by Italian Foreign Office that no records containing information of value to Allied Governments will be removed except by authorized representatives.53 Little information has been discovered as most of the confidential records were destroyed in September or removed to Republican Foreign Office in the north.54 Italian Foreign Office states that authorized representatives of Allied Governments are, of course, free to inspect existing files. A cursory inspection has been made by intelligence agencies in search for specific information. Little was found of any value. Two reports relating to [Page 1493]the German defense system have been removed and forwarded to G–2 AFHQ55 and 15 of telegrams relating to German withdrawal from the League of Nations56 was deposited with Political Section ACC.57 Some additional information is being secured through search of records at former Ministry of Popular Culture. Full reports on these are being transmitted by mail to the Department. [Reber.]

  1. Not printed; it requested a reply to instruction 897, March 25, 1944 (see footnote 30, p. 1482).
  2. See telegram 236, June 22, to Naples, p. 1486.
  3. The capital of the neo-fascist “Repubblica Sociale Italiana” was located at Said on Lake Garcia and the diplomatic corps was located at Brescia and at Venice
  4. Intelligence Section, Allied Force Headquarters.
  5. October 14, 1933.
  6. Allied Control Commission.