811.20 Defense(M)/12009: Airgram

The Minister in Costa Rica (Scotten) to the Secretary of State

A–411. Referring to my telegram No. 99, February 8, 12 noon, the Minister18 points out that in article 2 the statement “shall be free to dispose of its personal property, machinery and equipment” if interpreted literally might mean that at the end of 25 years the Costa Rican Government would not receive the plantation in running order. He hopes that a change can be made to ensure that Costa Rica will receive the machinery and equipment at the end of 25 years. He requests a definition of “personal property”.

At the end of article 5 the Minister would appreciate the addition of something along the following lines: “Costa Rica reserves the right, however, to withhold from exportation sufficient quantities of anti-malarial products to supply its normal domestic consumption”.

  1. Minister of Agriculture.