The Ambassador in Venezuela (Corrigan) to the Secretary of State

No. 4545

Sir: In view of the interest in expediting action on the question of acquisition of the Caracas–Valencia (so called German Railway) by the Venezuelan Government, I have the honor to enclose three copies of a memorandum dated May 23 [24], 194398 prepared by the Legal Attaché of the Embassy. There is also enclosed a copy of a further memorandum dated June 23, 1943,98 from which it appears that the railway is now being operated at a profit.

It will be noted from the Legal Attaché’s report of May 23, 1943 and from the joint report enclosed with the Embassy’s despatch no. 4455 of May 28, 194398 that of the 30 aliens known to be employed by the railway 26 are nationals of countries at war with the United States. The mere fact of the existence of this nucleus of alien enemies in the railway’s personnel, irrespective of the known individual pro-Nazi sentiments set forth concerning certain persons whose activities are of record in the report cited, is a menace of sufficient importance in itself to justify our Government in taking all possible action to enable the Venezuelan Government to gain title to the railway and eliminate this undesirable personnel. In this connection reference is made particularly to my despatch no. 4536 of June 19, 1943 in paragraph four of which I recorded the assurance given by the Foreign Minister.

Respectfully yours,

Frank P. Corrigan
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