740.00112 Diamonds/22: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Venezuela ( Corrigan )

558. Your 662, July 24, in answer to our circular telegram of July 19. Following comments on your conclusions suggested by over-all contraband picture based upon extensive information in our files derived from both sides of Atlantic and from all the various ports of the American Republics:

By no means smuggling out of Venezuelan ports need be confined to local products, such as diamonds, but can easily include the products of any other Latin American country, such as Brazilian diamonds, various chemicals widely produced, and Colombian platinum).
A serious contraband problem at your ports might still remain even if the new Venezuelan diamomd buying program were 100 percent effective.
If Venezuelan ports are not similarly protected, improved port controls now being negotiated at other Latin American ports will be ineffective because smugglers can transfer their activities from port to port and will utilize whichever ports are imperfectly policed it is expected.