811.20 Defense(M)/13533: Airgram

The Ambassador in Venezuela ( Corrigan ) to the Secretary of State

A–333. For Rosenthal, BEW,38 from Eisenhardt.39 Department’s A–645 of June 1040 advising delay of cinchona survey until conclusion [Page 805] of rainy season, we strongly recommend that you reconsider your decision and make arrangements for promptest possible start.

We have thoroughly checked reliable sources information regarding transportation in prospective cinchona areas and have ascertained that no important delays will be encountered even during heaviest rainy season. Furthermore, we consider that further delays will have detrimental effect on interest already aroused locally for collaboration with our program.

We anxiously await your further advices on this matter. [Eisenhardt.]

  1. Morris Rosenthal, Assistant Director, Board of Economic Warfare.
  2. Karl J. Eisenhardt, Field Representative of Board of Economic Warfare.
  3. Not printed.