Memorandum by Mr. B. C. Davis of the Division of the American Republics24

In a recent conversation with a member of the Venezuelan Embassy staff, I learned confidentially that one of the items which it is likely that President Medina will discuss during his visit is the acquisition of additional Lend-Lease material, particularly planes for the Army’s use. You will recall that we received a note from the Venezuelan Embassy requesting the Department’s assistance in obtaining certain Lend-Lease equipment contained in a list presented to the War Department by the Venezuelan Military Attaché, and that a necessarily evasive reply has just been sent to the Venezuelan Embassy.25 I understand that this is a matter in which President Medina has indicated some personal interest.

  1. Addressed to the Assistant Chief of the Division of the American Republics (Keith), the Chief of the Division (Bonsal), and the Liaison Officer (Wilson).
  2. In a memorandum of January 1, 1944, the Liaison Officer, Orme Wilson, informed members of the American Republics Division that Colonel Johnston (International Aid Division of the War Department) expressed confidence that the War Department could supply some of the articles needed.