740.00112A European War, 1939/34964: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Colombia (Lane)

1028. Your A–622, August 5, 1943.35 Alien Property Custodian has informed the Department that it would be prepared to send a mission to Colombia which would arrive about September 15, if the Colombian authorities expressed their desire to receive such a mission.

The proposal of the Custodian’s Office is in general acceptable to the Department. However, it will be subject to further discussion prior to the mission’s departure. Accordingly, it is suggested that you refrain from discussing the details of the proposal with the Colombian authorities. You may, however, indicate that in general the Alien Property Custodian will attempt to work out with the Colombian authorities an effective program for the replacement of Axis interests in the drug and chemical field.

Please inform the Department of any reaction of the Colombian authorities.

  1. Not printed.