The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Peru (Patterson)

No. 2812

The Secretary of State refers to the Embassy’s despatch no. 7768 of September 2, 194396 concerning the visit to Lima of three emissaries of the United States Committee to Aid the National Library of Peru and the Geographical Society of Lima.

[Page 761]

Reference is made to No. II97 of the specific recommendations for assistance to the library which is outlined on page three of the Embassy’s above-mentioned despatch. The Officer in Chargé is informed that $20,000 has been allocated to the National Library of Peru under the “Books for Latin America Project” which is being administered for the Department by the American Library Association. Orders for United States publications can be placed by Dr. Basadre against this allocation through the Washington office of the American Library Association.

It is understood that Dr. Basadre will select the publications to be ordered in view of the fact that he is familiar with the needs of the library. Book lists will be sent to Dr. Basadre to provide bibliographical aids in selecting the publications. If the lists which are being sent are not sufficient, further information will be furnished upon request.

In addition, the Department has been informed that a complete set of the catalogs of United States Government publications has already been presented to Dr. Basadre. The Department will endeavor to obtain whatever official publications are selected from these lists.

It is believed that the Officer in Charge will wish to make an official announcement of this gift of books to the Peruvian government.

  1. Not printed.
  2. Recommendation II refers to the spending of $20,000 through the American Library Association for books.