823.428/42a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Peru (Norweb)

869. At meeting on July 28 Committee to Aid National Library of Peru passed resolution to send to Lima three persons to discuss with Basadre93 and other Peruvian authorities details of official and private United States aid in restoration of Library. Following persons selected: Keyes Metcalf, Director Harvard College Library and retiring President American Library Association; Wilmarth S. Lewis of Yale University, and Chairman of the Librarian’s Council of Library of Congress; and Lewis Hanke, Director, Hispanic Foundation, Library of Congress and Secretary of Committee. Group plans to leave Washington about August 9 and while in Lima would expect to work closely with Vaillant94 in dealings with Peruvians. Will carry specific offers of aid and cooperation authorized by Committee and members of delegation will be ready to offer wide range of technical advice on library organization as requested by Basadre and associates. Please inform Dr. Basadre.

  1. Jorge Basadre, Librarian of the Peruvian National Library.
  2. George C. Vaillant, Senior Cultural Relations Officer at the Embassy in Peru.