The Ambassador in Peru (Norweb) to the Secretary of State

No. 7880

Sir: In-order that the Department be familiar with the Peruvian Government’s current intentions with reference to service on the dollar debt, I have the honor to supplement my despatch No. 7826, dated September 11, 1943,80 with the following remarks a day or two ago by Finance Minister East.

Mr. East again mentioned the President had requested him to investigate thoroughly. He stated also he would endeavor to have something available for me to carry to the United States on my coming trip. Failing that, he will try to forward a report to me in Washington in order to permit the fullest possible discussion of the subject at this time.

He did, however, express a preference for dealing with the problem more comprehensively and submitting a more complete statement toward the end of the year. This proposal, of course, represents yet another effort to prolong negotiations.

Should other developments become available before my departure, the Department will be informed accordingly.

Respectfully yours,

R. Henry Norweb
  1. Despatch not printed.