740.00112A European War 1939/25847

The Ambassador in Peru (Norweb) to the Secretary of State

No. 6144

Sir: I have the honor to refer to the Embassy’s Airgram No. A–536 of February 13, 1943 and to despatch No. 6003 of February 1, 194327 and No. 6076 of February 9, 1943 in which the Department was informed of developments in the Embassy’s campaign to deprive Proclaimed List subjects of insurance protection.

We have now before us copies of letters addressed to the Superintendent of Banks from eight of the eleven insurance companies doing business in Peru. These letters convey official notification to the Government dependency having immediate jurisdiction over insurance companies of the cancellation, starting on February 12, of all policies in favor of Proclaimed List subjects and all Japanese whether listed or not.

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The eight companies which have so far reported their full compliance with this latest interpretation of laws No. 9586 and 9592 are:

  • Campañia de Seguros “La Fénix Peruana”—Fire.
  • Compañia de Seguros “Rimac”—Fire and Life.
  • Compañia Internacional de Seguros del Perú—Fire.
  • Compañias Unidas de Seguros—Fire.
  • Compañia de Seguros “La Nacional”—Fire.
  • Compañia de Seguros “La Popular”—Fire.
  • Compañia de Seguros “Italia”—Fire and Life.
  • Compañia de Seguros Sobre la Vida “La Sudamericana”—Life.

The companies which have not yet declared their compliance with the above mentioned laws are:

  • Compañia de Seguros sobre la Vida “El Porvenir”—Life.
  • Compañia Italo-Peruano de Seguros Generates—Fire and Life.
  • Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada—Life.

Two of these companies write only life insurance, and one of them is a branch of a foreign company.

The Embassy is observing developments in this situation and will report them to the Department with such recommendation as may be indicated.

Respectfully yours,

For the Ambassador,
Julian Greenup

Counselor for Economic Affairs
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