740.00112A European War 1939/25807: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Colombia (Lane)

A–537. Reference your airgram A–33, January 15 and despatch no. 1602 of February 9, Department’s telegram no. 33 of January 912 and previous communications concerning establishment of consultative procedure between the Embassy and the Colombian Government with respect to Proclaimed List matters. Officers of the Department conferred Monday with Dr. Turbay and Dr. Vargas.13 It was explained that this government had found that the discussion of questions relating to the Proclaimed List with other governments was made more effective and profitable for both governments when a consultative commission was created by the local government for the purpose of discussing Proclaimed List matters with representatives of the American Embassy; that such a consultative committee in our opinion should be given broad authority to carry on such discussions without the necessity of referring, except with respect to broad questions of policy, to higher governmental authorities; that this government would be willing to agree to submit all proposed additions to the Proclaimed List to such a commission before taking action; that it should be clearly understood that such submission should be made for the purpose only of giving the Colombian Government information of proposed action and affording it the opportunity to furnish such additional information [Page 51] as it might wish to have the American authorities take into account in passing upon Proclaimed List questions; that final authority with respect to all action relating to the Proclaimed List must remain with the authorities charged with its maintenance in Washington; that experience has shown, however, that corrective action to obviate addition of particular names is sometimes possible as a result of consultation and that deletion of firms important to local economy is expedited through interchange of information and views. It was suggested that such a commission might be given authority to discuss with representatives of the American Embassy proposals for increasing the effectiveness of Colombian controls.

Dr. Turbay expressed his approval of the establishment of such a consultative commission and said that he would write to the Acting Foreign Secretary14 recommending immediate action on this matter.

A full instruction follows.15

  1. Despatch No. 1602 and telegram No. 33 not printed.
  2. Alberto Vargas Nariño, Counselor of the Colombian Embassy.
  3. During Dr. Turbay’s absence Alberto Gonzalez Fernández was in charge of the Ministry except for a short period when Francisco José Chaux served as the Minister.
  4. No. 1142, March 31, p. 52.