834.20/134: Airgram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Paraguay (Frost)

A–222. Your despatch no. 948, April 13.34 The Department has been informed by the War Department that it is inclined to give favorable consideration to a formal request from the Government of Paraguay for a United States Military Mission. However, it will be impossible to initiate definite steps toward our standard mission agreement, or to include any final contract concerning a United States Military Mission until after the termination of the services of every member of the present French Military Mission35 and their departure from Paraguay.

The Department has also been informed by the War Department that it has not been their policy to furnish Military Missions without costs to any country36 and suggests that the Paraguayan Government should pay members of the proposed Mission on the same scale as they pay their own officers of corresponding rank.

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The War Department has stated that the Officer personnel of the Mission will be composed of Reserve Officers, or Officers of the Army, United States, or Officers of the Regular Army over age in grade or on limited service.

If you perceive no objections, please inform the appropriate officials of the Paraguayan Government of the terms under which the War Department would be disposed to consider favorably a formal request through diplomatic channels for a Military Mission.

  1. Not printed.
  2. This Mission had given its allegiance to the Vichy French Government.
  3. In its note accepting the preliminary offer of a military mission from the United States, Paraguay indicated a basis of complete gratuity.