Memorandum by Mr. Murray M. Wise of the Division of the American Republics 46

In accordance with instructions from the Department,47 Ambassador Wilson has clearly stated to the Panamanian Foreign Minister this Government’s position with respect to a change in the site of the Panama railroad station and yards. Dr. Fábrega says he cannot see why these particular lots should not be included in the deed of conveyance now under preparation. He explained that his government was not especially interested in seeing the station moved at this time but that it was feared that unless the station lots were included in the present deed, the whole question of their transfer at some future time would have to be taken up with our Congress. Amb. Wilson said his instructions definitely disposed of that point by emphatically stating that any transfer of these lands would require Congressional approval.

The Minister said he would report our position to the President. Speaking laughingly he said the Panamanians were obstinate negotiators and probably would insist on their point of view. The Ambassador said he was aware of Panamanian obstinacy but hoped that the Minister would advise the President that the U.S. Gov’t had spoken definitively.

  1. Addressed to Paul C. Daniels of the Division of the American Republics, and to the Chief of that Division (Bonsal).
  2. Instruction No. 2702, August 4, p. 662.