Memorandum of Conversalion by the Secretary of State

The Mexican Ambassador called at his request. He had just returned from Mexico and reported that everything was coming along very well in his country.

I brought up the question of the tentative water power agreement in respect to the Colorado and the Rio Grande Rivers. I explained to him how emergency engagements, and for some days the flu, have thwarted our constant efforts to lay the whole water treaty proposal before Senator Connally and the other Senators from the interested states, and that therefore it would be impossible for us to sign the treaty during this year. The Ambassador said that he had heard of this situation and that since the Mexican Congress will adjourn at the end of December until next September, he suggested that we go along as rapidly as possible in securing the ratification of the treaty by the United States Senate, and then his President could call the Mexican Senate into special session for similar ratification. I said that we would do our best along these lines.

C[ordell] H[ull]