The Ambassador in Mexico ( Messersmith ) to the Adviser on Political Relations ( Duggan )

Dear Larry: I have to refer to my letter of May 1347 with which I sent you a copy of my letter of the same date to Mr. Welles48 with regard to the water problem in the Mexicali district.

I also have to refer to a conversation which I had with you last evening on the telephone and to a previous conversation on this matter which I had with Joe McGurk this morning when he called me on another matter.

I called on Dr. Padilla and Dr. Torres Bodet early this morning and conveyed to them the substance of our conversation over the telephone last evening and that contained in your telegram of May 1447 on this matter, just received.

I said that the information which you had in the Department was that some 2,700 second feet were passing Rockwood Heading49 to Mexico these days. …

I told them that De la Colina was to see you today when you could give him a more full picture of the situation than I could and he would undoubtedly advise them.

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I told them that Lawson too had instructions to get in touch with MacGregor and Torres Bodet said that he would immediately get in touch with MacGregor so that he would be sure to see Lawson.

I gather that one of the problems is that they have put more ground under cultivation in the Mexicali area and that the 2,700 second feet may not be enough and that they made this emergency arrangement with the Imperial Valley people for this additional water—not liking it any more than we do. Torres Bodet said that a principal pre-occupation of the Mexican Government and of the President was that this program of more intensive cultivation in the Mexicali area which the Government had fostered should be impeded through lack of water and that there should not be unfavorable publicity at this time which could affect our relationships developing in so happy a way. In other words I think that an additional amount other than the 2,700 second feet is involved.

I am sure that the conversations which you will have with De la Colina will help to clarify the situation so far as what they are thinking here is concerned. I am sure also that the conversations between MacGregor and Lawson will give you more data on which to work.

In some way or other I think we must see that they get the water they need because I am sure that the matter is viewed here seriously or the President would not have taken up the matter here in the way that he did.

I am not saying anything more for the present here until I hear from you. Appreciating very much the consideration which you are giving the matter when I know there is so much on your hands.

Believe me [etc.]

G. S. Messersmith
  1. Not printed.
  2. Supra.
  3. Not printed.
  4. Rockwood Gate on the Colorado River at Andrade. This quantity of water was larger than at any time for some weeks.