The Chargé in Mexico ( Bursley ) to the Adviser on Political Relations ( Duggan )

Dear Larry: I refer to my letter of February 10th regarding the water matter.

I have just found time to read the latest batch of papers from the Department regarding the Colorado River question, and note on page 4 of Dr. Timm’s13 memorandum of conversation dated January 25th14 a reference to the risk we might run were this matter ever submitted to international arbitration.

The reference to the possibility that Mexico might make a cut just below the upper boundary smacks somewhat of Federal Project No. 5 on the Rio Grande.15 That is to say, it would be difficult for our Government to object should Mexico undertake the cut on the Colorado River in Mexican territory.

Sincerely yours,

  1. Charles A. Timm, Divisional Assistant, Division of the American Republics.
  2. Not printed.
  3. A proposed valley gravity canal and storage project for the lower Rio Grande valley in Texas.