800.85/835: Airgram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Colombia ( Lane )

A–600. The considerations expressed in your telegram no. 542 of March 2790 are appreciated by the Department, which together with the War Shipping Administration wishes to conclude this matter at the earliest possible moment.

The War Shipping Administration has, following receipt of the above-mentioned telegram, sympathetically reviewed again the terms of the Bill of Sale submitted with your despatch no. 1330 of December 30.90 It believes, however, that although agreement in principle exists as the result of the exchanges between the Embassy and the Department, a few revisions of the Colombian text of the Bill of Sale are imperative fully to cover the conditions agreed upon and in order for the War Shipping Administration adequately to protect its part in the transaction.

The desired alterations in the text will be telegraphed to you within the next few days with the reasons therefor clearly set forth. Because it is not expected that they will be complicated or extensive, it is hoped that they will be readily acceptable to the Colombian officials concerned, in which case authority can then be given you to sign the Bill of Sale.

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