Memorandum by Mr. W. G. MacLean of the Division of the American Republics8

Of interest in connection with the continuing movement of Mexican agricultural workers to the United States under the agreement of August 4, 1942 is the following article appearing in the March 31, 1943 issue of Mexico News, official press bulletin of the Mexican Foreign Office:

“We have not received a single complaint up to now. But it pleases me to answer, declared licenciado Padilla,9 that of all the reports that; have reached this Ministry as well as those that have been graciously-rendered by the Manager of the Agricultural Credit Bank, ingeniero César Martino, it is made clear that the Mexican laborers who are now in the United States are being treated most justly and they are receiving [Page 546] every attention. The officials of the Public Administration who participate in the management of these laborers, demonstrate on every occasion the highest spirit of consideration for our nationals. In this as in all other matters that the two countries, Mexico and the United States attend, there is a sentiment of cordial cooperation.”

  1. Addressed to the Assistant Chief of the Division of the American Republics (McGurk) and the Assistant Adviser on International Economic Affairs (Mulliken).
  2. Luis Padilla Nervo, Oficial Mayor of the Ministry of Labor.