811.504/2059: Telegram

The Ambassador in Mexico ( Messersmith ) to the Secretary of State

288. With further reference to Department’s instructions 2645 of February 18.5 Stevens of railway mission6 informs me that it would greatly complicate the railway rehabilitation situation as well as the [Page 542] railway labor situation were we to bring American equipment or train crews into Mexico to transport laborers recruited in Mexico for the United States. He assures me that he can make necessary arrangements with Mexican railway administration to move all laborers recruited here.

We have on several occasions discussed the matter with the Foreign Office but have had no response. In view of statements by Stevens we shall not press this matter with the Mexican Government.

  1. Not printed; it asked the Embassy on behalf of the Farm Security Administration to approach the Mexican authorities regarding a guarantee of the return of American railroad equipment if it was sent into Mexico for the transport of agricultural workers (811.504/1071).
  2. Oliver M. Stevens, member of the United States Railway Mission to Mexico’.