811.504/1002: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Mexico ( Bursley )

141. Reference is made to the Department’s instruction no. 2402 of January 6, 1943 and to the Embassy’s despatch no. 649 [6496] of January 9, 1943, in reply thereto,96 in reference to the selecting in Mexico of workers other than for agriculture.

The Ambassador97 discussed this question today with Governor McNutt of the War Manpower Commission, and it was agreed that the Embassy should explore with the Mexican Government the question of an arrangement similar to that of August 4, 1942 to permit the selecting and contracting in Mexico of unskilled workers for employment in the Southwest on railways, in mines and possibly in other industries.

You are requested to inform the Mexican Foreign Office of this Government’s desire to negotiate such an arrangement in the understanding that if this meets with that Government’s approval a representative of the War Manpower Commission will proceed to Mexico City to take part in the negotiations.

Please expedite reply.98

  1. Neither printed.
  2. Ambassador Messersmith was in Washington at this time; he left Mexico City on January 15 and returned there March 1.
  3. In his telegram No. 105, January 29, 1943, the Chargé indicated that the Mexican Government was agreeable in principle (811.504/1043).