811.504/1045a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Mexico ( Messersmith )

1. From Agriculture. From best information available, for work in essential crops in California and Arizona during year 1943, we would need following movement of Mexican Agricultural workers: Entering United States in January, 2800; February, 3200; March, 3200; April, 2600; May, 1400. Returning to Mexico: June, 2200; July, 1800. Entering United States in August, 8200, September, 4800. Returning to Mexico: October, 3800; November, 6400; December, 6000. These figures may be subject to certain adjustments, but present indications are that any such adjustments would tend to increase them to some extent rather than decrease.

If short staple cotton, pruning, general farming and livestock enterprises are included, the peak on account of these operations would reach 50,000 in November 1943. Should these be included we will submit itemized month by month figure.

We should appreciate this being brought to attention of proper Mexican authorities, asking their approval as quickly as possible, so necessary arrangements can be made with other agencies of United States concerned. [Agriculture.]