812.50/347a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Mexico (Messersmith)

1087. Report of Mexican-American Commission with only minor changes has been initialed by delegates of both countries. Portion of report to be published is to be presented to President Roosevelt by Secretary Hull today or tomorrow.33 Araiza is to present an identical copy to President Avila Camacho today. Annexes34 to report which are not to be published have not as yet been completed and will be presented to President Roosevelt later this week.

It is understood that upon the agreement of President Avila Camacho the portion of the report to be published will be released jointly in Mexico City and Washington. The Department has no objection to the joint release with the exception of one sentence on page 2 which reads as follows: “The specific recommendations of the Commission appear in an annex to the general report which follows.” The Department feels that either no reference should be made to the annexes which are not to be published or it should be specifically stated that the annex or annexes cannot be revealed for the duration of the war for security reasons.

The Department will await word from you regarding the time of the joint release of the general section of the report. A copy of the general section of the report is being airmailed to you.

  1. For texts of the report here referred to and of the letters exchanged between the two Presidents, see Department of State Bulletin, July 17, 1943, pp. 38–46.
  2. Not printed; the annexes consisted of detailed reports on various proposed commodity and power production projects, financial and monetary plans, etc. (812.50/402).