815.515/135: Telegram

The Minister in Honduras (Erwin) to the Secretary of State

97. Reference Legation’s airgram No. 113, March 26, 11 a.m., despatch No. 2845, April 1, and 2877, April 12, and telegram number 91, April 10, 5 p.m.55

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Banco Atlántida and Banco de Honduras have curtailed purchases of foreign exchange to equal current sales or roughly $425,000 per month, while offerings of foreign exchange remain at about $725,000 per month. Local Pan American officials state they are unable to furnish transportation for bringing in United States silver currency and Taca56 Air Lines can only bring approximately $250,000 per month. Banco Atlántida has on one occasion been unable to furnish lempiras to one of its clients who wished to withdraw sight deposits in lempiras. Immediate reply requested as to whether a United States Army transport plane can be made available for one trip carrying approximately $250,000 for the Banco Atlántida, Bank to pay all expenses.57

  1. Despatches No. 2845 and No. 2877 and telegram No. 91 not printed.
  2. Transportes Aéreos Centro Americano.
  3. The United States Army made the following shipments of silver coins: May 4, $75,000; May 10, $70,000; May 11, $70,000.