The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Honduras (Erwin)15

No. 1262

Sir: The Department has received your despatch no. 2910 of April 26, 1943, regarding the 8% consular fee which the Honduran authorities wish to charge on material imported for the Inter-American Highway work.

In view of your explanation that the Honduran Government has already acceded to demands of the highway contractors that the entire 8% consular charge be waived, the Department will accept this situation. The Public Roads Administration, on being consulted, also signified its assent to the maintenance of the present situation. You may therefore disregard the Department’s instruction no. 1218 of April 16, 1943.16

For your confidential information, the Department is somewhat concerned at the financial and psychological effect which this waiver may have on Honduras, which has suffered more than any other Central American country from war-engendered economic dislocations. The Department does not feel that this consideration is of sufficient importance to warrant re-opening the question. It does, however, desire that you keep its views in mind in the event that the question should arise again in any form, and it wishes you to keep it informed of any developments which you may observe.

Very truly yours,

For the Secretary of State:
Sumner Welles
  1. The American Legation in Honduras was raised to the status of Embassy on April 27, 1943, when Minister Erwin presented his credentials as Ambassador.
  2. Not printed; it indicated that the Department had approved a compromise plan suggested by E. W. James of the Public Roads Administration (810.154/2005).