The Ambassador in Cuba (Braden) to the Secretary of State

No. 5038

Sir: Supplementing the Embassy’s air mail despatch No. 5017 of November 4, 1943,67 (File No. 861.35) enclosing copies of three notes which the Embassy transmitted to the Foreign Office68 in connection with the recently concluded negotiations for the purchase by the Commodity Credit Corporation of a large portion of the 1944 Cuban sugar crop, I have the honor to enclose a copy and translation of note No. 3177 of October 26, 1943,67 received from the Foreign Office which contains the Cuban Government’s reply to the Embassy’s note No. 1150 of October 19, 1943, regarding the continuance of Cuba’s agricultural diversification program. It will be noted that the Cuban Government, in its reply, assures the Embassy that it is dedicating its best [Page 238] efforts to the development of its diversification program but that additional agricultural machinery and equipment and increased quantities of gas oil are needed for the program’s successful development.

There is also enclosed a copy of the Embassy’s note No. 1176 of November 1, 1943,71 in reply, informing the Cuban Government that inasmuch as light petroleum products are in critically short supply, no increase in Cuba’s gas oil quota is possible at this time and bringing to its attention a letter which the Embassy recently addressed to the ORPA in which certain ways and means of eking out Cuba’s supply of light petroleum products were suggested. A copy of this letter to the ORPA is likewise enclosed.72

With regard to the request for additional agricultural equipment and machinery, the Department’s attention is invited to the Embassy’s despatch No. 5034 of November 5, 1943,73 (File No. 861) reporting on the agricultural equipment and machinery which our Government furnished Cuba for agricultural diversification purposes last June and on the Cuban Government’s failure to make effective use thereof.

Respectfully yours,

For the Ambassador:
Albert F. Nueer

Counselor of Embassy for Economic Affairs
  1. Not printed.
  2. Note No. 1150 not printed; for notes Nos. 1151 and 1152, October 19, see pp. 177 and 179, respectively.
  3. Not printed.
  4. Not printed.
  5. Letter to the ORPA (Oficina de Regulacion de Precios y Abastecimientos) in Cuba, dated October 30, not printed.
  6. Not printed; it reiterated the Embassy’s recommendation that it be allowed to clear on all future sales of tractors and that such sales be direct to commercial interests rather than through the Cuban Government (837.24/2134).