837.30/78: Airgram

The Ambassador in Cuba (Braden) to the Secretary of State

A–998. Reference Embassy’s despatch No. 2314 of February 26, 1943.17

Prime Minister18 and Foreign Minister19 on April 22 indicated interest in concluding supplementary agreement for military and naval cooperation as soon as possible. Only difference between draft proposals of Embassy and Foreign Office relates to question of military jurisdiction. While I doubt that Cuban Government would be willing to sign a formal agreement giving jurisdiction to our military authorities in Cuba (as proposed in Article IV of our draft proposal, [Page 142] copy of which was enclosed with Embassy’s despatch No. 2314) all cases against United States soldiers and sailors have, thus far, been quashed in the courts and our military and naval authorities have taken pertinent disciplinary action. Prime Minister and Foreign Minister will probably seek to continue this policy, thus giving us in effect—but not by formal agreement—the jurisdiction which we desire.

I should appreciate therefore receiving early instructions from Department so that negotiations may be resumed while Prime Minister and Foreign Minister are interested and are disposed to look with favor on most of the proposals made in our draft.

  1. Not printed.
  2. Ramón Zaydín.
  3. Emeterio Santovenia replaced José A. Martínez-Viademonte as Foreign Minister on March 6.