811.515/2119: Airgram

The Ambassador in Costa Rica ( Des Portes ) to the Secretary of State

A–859. Refer Embassy’s A–776, July 9, 1943.

While the Spanish Minister has orally indicated to Minister Tinoco that he would agree to the blocking of the funds under some agency of the Costa Rican Government (not the Junta de Custodia) provided he is permitted to withdraw up to 300 colones per month for payments to indigent Italians, he is now refusing to commit himself definitely on the matter until he obtains an answer from the Costa Rican Government to his note requesting that Spanish nationals in Costa Rica be exempted from financial and economic controls (see my despatch No. 361 of August 6, 194336). He has inferred that his position with respect to the Italian Government funds will be affected, if not governed, by the Costa Rican Government’s reply to the note in question.

Señor Tinoco has tendered his resignation as Minister of Finance and is handling the business of that office only pending the appointment of a new Minister, which is expected shortly.

All of the foregoing circumstances make it urgent, in the Embassy’s opinion, that the Costa Rican Government be informed that unless the funds are properly frozen and the dollars remitted to the United States by a certain date, say September 15th, they will be treated as Axis funds and their encashment in or out of the United States, by any bank or institution subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, will not be permitted.

Immediate authorization to take such action is requested.

Des Portes
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