740.0011 European War 1939/32208

The Secretary of State to the Colombian Chargé (Vargas Nariño)

Sir: I acknowledge the receipt of your note of November 27, 1943, informing me that, as a result of the sinking by a German submarine of the Colombian schooner Ruby with the loss of Colombian lives, the Colombian Government has recognized that Germany has placed itself in a state of belligerency with respect to Colombia.

I have been pleased to observe that the international position adopted by the Government was approved and ratified by a large majority in the Colombian Senate and that all measures will be taken to repel future aggressions and to intensify military collaboration with the nations of this continent actually at war.

This Government, in expressing its deep sympathy for the tragic aggression of our common enemy which has resulted in the cruel loss of Colombian nationals, regards with admiration and gratification the declaration of the Colombian Government which exemplifies the historic determination of the Colombian people to maintain the principles of freedom and justice.

Accept [etc.]

Cordell Hull