811.51/5964: Airgram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Costa Rica ( Scotten )

A–387. Your A–507, March 13. Treasury is prepared to release the $141,895.25 in dollar currency held by the Spanish Minister on behalf of the Italian Government for credit to the account of the Banco Nacional under the conditions outlined in your airgram.

In connection with the proposed monthly withdrawals by the Spanish Minister, which as you pointed out is not in keeping with the provisions of Resolution I of the Washington Conference, you will undoubtedly realize that the mere fact that the Spanish Government would not provide funds for indigent Italian subjects in Costa Rica is not determinative of the point at issue. Under Resolution I the obligation to take care of such subjects could also be satisfied by the sending in of fresh funds by the Italian Government through the Spanish. We realize, however, that it may be impossible for the Costa Rican Government to insist upon such a procedure and we agree with you that it would be inadvisable to jeopardize the blocking of the $141,895.25 in an endeavor to prevent a withdrawal of only 250 or 300 colones per month.