123 Standley, William H./170: Telegram

The Ambassador in the Soviet Union (Standley) to the Secretary of State

1306. At request of Columbia Broadcasting System correspondent in Moscow, I will make following statement tonight, if arrangements can be made here:

“We Americans here in Moscow got a great thrill tonight as we watched the rockets announcing the splendid Soviet victory of Stalino89—particularly when we realized that this celebration coincided [Page 578] with the announcement of the armistice in Italy, It must be a source of great gratification to free men everywhere to know that the forces fighting for freedom and liberty are gaining successes from every direction and that these efforts are going forward with increasing momentum. I know that I speak for you my fellow countrymen when I extend my congratulations to the Red army for their great victory in the Don Basin. I know that I speak for the Russian people in extending congratulations to the men of the Allied forces whose sacrifices and skill have resulted in the complete surrender of Italy.90 A victory for one of the United Nations is a victory for all the United Nations.”

  1. Stalino, 13 other cities, and the complete liberation of the Donets Basin received 20 salvoes from 224 guns in Moscow on September 8.
  2. On the next day, in telegram No. 1319, Ambassador Standley drew attention to the relatively little space in the Soviet press on the capitulation of Italy, where the emphasis was very heavy on the Soviet contribution to it: “The basic conditions for the collapse of Italy were created by the heavy Italian and German losses on the Russian front which facilitated the Allied North African victories.” (740.0011 European War 1939/31092)