The British Ambassador (Halifax) to the Secretary of State

His Majesty’s Ambassador presents his compliments to the Secretary of State, and has the honour with reference to Mr. Hull’s note of February 10th to inform him that His Majesty’s Government, in the United Kingdom have given careful consideration to the proposals concerning the question of supplies to the Union of South Africa, put [Page 191] forward in the President’s message of February 10th to Field Marshal Smuts.33 His Majesty’s Government have seen the text of the Field Marshal’s reply contained in the aide-mémoire handed to the United States Minister in the Union on February 19th.34 They are in general agreement with the views expressed by the Prime Minister of the Union in this document.

In regard to the particular proposal, put forward in the President’s message, for the establishment of a Supply Council composed of representatives of the Governments of the Union, the United States, and the United Kingdom to consider questions concerning future supplies to South Africa, the United Kingdom Government will gladly cooperate in the setting up and operation of any joint body which may be established in South Africa on conditions agreed between the three interested Governments. The United Kingdom Government, like the Union Government, are ready to give sympathetic consideration to any detailed proposals regarding this joint body, on the lines of the messages exchanged between the President and Field Marshal Smuts, which the United States Government may now wish to put forward.

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