800.42/3: Telegram

The Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Winant) to the Secretary of State

8732. Chinese observer at Education Conference (Embassy’s telegram No. 8556, December 9) asked Embassy observer yesterday what [Page 1160] Embassy proposed to do about Foreign Office invitation to join Conference. When told that invitation was forwarded to Department, he asked if Embassy had received any indication that United States might accept invitation without making effort to obtain changes of nature suggested in Turner memorandum submitted with Embassy’s despatch No. 12183 of November 11.12 He added that his Government is prepared to join Conference on basis outlined by Turner during conversations with Chinese Ambassador but displayed obvious concern about possibility that China might be left in isolated position as sole supporter of such a basis. In order to keep situation fluid and to assure Chinese cooperation should Department wish to press Turner recommendations or similar proposals, Embassy observer offered to inform Chinese observer of any indications he might receive to the effect that United States might accept invitation without pressing for changes in make up Conference. This offer was received gratefully and it is believed that Chinese will not take action on their invitation until our policy is determined.

  1. Not printed; Mr. Turner made recommendations for transforming the Conference into a United Nations Educational and Cultural Conference with an inclusive international program in the educational and cultural fields (800.42/306).