800.42/280a: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Winant)

6089. Reference to previous correspondence regarding meetings Conference of Ministers of Education of Allied Governments, Department is considering sending representatives to be accredited to the Conference in time for its December meetings. In preparation for coming of these representatives Ralph E. Turner, Principal Divisional Assistant, Division of Cultural Relations,7 (see Department Register, October 1, 1942) plans arrive London in time for October 5 meeting to remain for about one month. Dr. John W. Studebaker, United States Commissioner of Education, may go to London the latter part of October in this same connection.

Turner’s instructions call for him to act as observer for the Department at October 5 meeting and any subsequent meetings of the committees and sub-committees of the Conference which may take place during his stay. Main purpose of his designation is to obtain information with regard to measures which might be recommended to the Department relating to cooperation of United States Government with Conference in connection with planning and conducting programs of educational and cultural reconstruction. These observations may also include activities of private and quasi-public organizations.

Turner authorized to explore possibilities of cooperation with regard to following specific fields:

Organization of Conference as United Nations Agency;
Development of cooperative programs of educational and cultural reconstruction for particular countries;
Organization of international agencies for service of educational and cultural exchange;
General agreement with British Government with respect to cultural activities of two Governments. He is to avoid making any commitments oral or written with respect to present policy and future action of this Government and to place himself under your direction and keep you fully informed with respect to his activities at Conference.

Please assign Richard Johnson8 or other member of your staff to represent you in furnishing guidance and direction to Mr. Turner and to Dr. Studebaker when he arrives.

Instruction follows.

  1. In telegram No. 6186, October 6, 1943, to the Ambassador in the United Kingdom, it was indicated that Ralph E. Turner was designated Assistant Chief of the Division of Cultural Relations, effective September 29, 1943.
  2. Third Secretary of Embassy.