800.42/256: Telegram

The Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Winant) to the Secretary of State

4991. Reference Department’s A–699, May 19.2 At Fifth Meeting of Conference of Ministers of Education on July 27 questions of reconstructing Conference on broader basis, establishing Standing Committee or Bureau of Conference and of financing Conference activities were raised. Conference agreed to appointment of Planning Committee under Chairmanship of Butler, President British Board of Education, to consider organisation of Standing Committee or Bureau and to prepare proposals for financing activities. All delegates to Conference were invited to send representatives to Planning Committee and nations represented by observers were invited to send either accredited representatives or observers. British Council was also invited to send representative. General desire was expressed for active participation of United States, USSR and China in activities of Conference, and all delegates agreed to consult their Governments before next Conference meeting on their attitudes toward reorganisation of Conference.

Embassy was approached informally prior to Conference meeting by officials of British Board of Education and British Council as to possible American attitude toward full participation in work of Conference or Bureau. British Council representatives favored Bureau with Permanent Secretariat staffed by British Council but Board of [Page 1153] Education representatives were prepared to accept International Secretariat. At Conference meeting Butler informed Embassy’s observers that British would not put forward specific proposals on reorganization but would allow subject to arise out of discussion at meeting. Nevertheless the mode of procedure adopted was suggested by Mr. Butler. Embassy has not expressed opinion on any of foregoing proposals or suggestions but its observers will attend first meeting of Planning Committee on August 11 unless instructions to contrary are received. Airmail despatch3 follows giving additional details of meeting.

  1. Not printed; it advised that the Department did not object to a member of the Embassy staff attending the meetings of the Inter-Allied Conference on Education sponsored by Rotary International providing there was no obligation on the part of the United States Government (800.42/213).
  2. Despatch No. 10496, July 28, 1943, not printed.