562.8F4/20: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Winant)

7786. With regard to your telegram 8046 of November 18, inform Foreign Office that this Government would be prepared to participate in informal whaling conference in London on or about December 15, 1943 or as soon thereafter as transportation can be arranged for one or more of the representatives of this Government, and that information as to names of representatives and probable date of arrival in London of the representative or representatives proceeding from Washington will be furnished at an early date.

Report by telegraph whether this would be agreeable to British Government and whether Commander Alfred C. Richmond will be available to assist this Government’s delegates at conference.

President’s approval being requested for Steere21 to replace Cumming as delegate.

  1. Loyd V. Steere, Agricultural Attaché in the United Kingdom.