562.8F4/16: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the United Kingdom ( Winant )

6804. In connection with the proposed informal whaling conference reference is made to Embassy’s telegram no. 7443, October 28. The British Embassy at Washington has informally inquired whether this Government is agreeable to the conference being held early in November 1943. Department has replied in effect that we are not prepared to attend the conference in November because of a number of developments, including the receipt of information which indicates the need for more information with respect to the scope and purpose of the conference and with respect to the countries invited to attend; that we should like to see the conference postponed and a date not set for the time being to give us opportunity to obtain further information from the British Government which the American Embassy in London is being requested to obtain; and that after we have had time to consider the additional information we shall communicate again with the British Embassy.

If you perceive no objection, please bring the foregoing to the attention of the Foreign Office and request any information available with respect to the agenda for the proposed conference and the names of the governments which have been invited to participate. The Department desires especially to learn whether it is contemplated that an agreement may be drawn up or signed at the conference.